Christopher Robin Movie Review

“Warm honey for your heart, even for the dullest of souls.” is how “Christopher Robin”, the new live-action feature starring the iconic Winnie the Pooh and his (mostly) jolly group of friends as well as, the namesake Christopher Robin (played by Ewan McGregor). Sheer childhood nostalgia, pure fuzzy emotions and family are the name of the game for this stirring story.

The basic premise begins with Winnie the Pooh 9 (voiced by Jim Cummings) and his friends (most notably Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet, respectively voiced by Brad Garrett, Jim Cummings again and Nick Mohammed) throwing Christopher Robin a farewell party as he has to leave for boarding school. Thereafter, montages of Christopher becoming an adult, finding the love of his life, Evelyn Robin (played by Hayley Atwell; who you might remember as Agent Carter from Captain America) and starting a family are shown. One rather foggy day in the Hundred Acre Wood, where Pooh and his band of friends reside, Pooh wakes up to find that all his friends have gone missing. He thus decides to seek help from Christopher Robin, squeezing through a tree through which Robin used to appear from. Thus, the journey begins.

Pooh stumbles into a work-weary Christopher Robin, who is incredulous and finds it hard to believe how Pooh got all the way to London, when the tree was in Sussex (some 80-plus miles away). Further along in the movie (past some rather predictable story developments), a work-related debacle (caused by the excessively helpful Tigger) leads to the beginning of an arguably more interesting second half of the movie. A scene in which Madeline (played by Bronte Carmichael, when she is an older child), Robin’s daughter, meets and instantly recognises Pooh and the gang is heart-warming and significant, especially in a “passing of the torch” kind of way.

Ewan McGregor as adult Christopher Robin, puts on an incredible performance, from the dull, results-focused, world-weary Robin we see near the beginning of the film, he transforms into a more relaxed, fun-loving and cheery Robin that Pooh remembers. The change, albeit somewhat extreme, is pulled off incredibly well by McGregor. Kudos to an actor with such a wide range of performances, something which can’t be said about other actors, such as Peter Capaldi who voices Rabbit, and played as the Tweltfh Doctor, in British science-fiction television show Doctor Who), who are rather typecast.

While “Christopher Robin” is, to a certain extent. predictable at times, it is really the second half which saves it, with incredible acting, a captivating plot points and faithful portrayal. “Christopher Robin” gets a total of four stars of our five.

Virtually guaranteed pleasure, “Christopher Robin” is a movie which artfully caters to both the young and the old, making it the ideal family movie this summer!

Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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