Exploring Singapore Day One 

Started the day with a morning swim, then easing into the “Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes” exhibition at the Artscience Musuem (not really “hipster”, but somewhere I really wanted to go since it came here). The exhibition was pretty underwhelming, save for some honestly interesting exhibits on the relation between science and science fiction as seen in the films, as well as the statues and figurines. Most of the other exhibits felt very gimmicky, thus the $11 spent wasn’t really worth it. The old price of $9 would have been much more palatable.


If you’re here for the hipster stuff, it’s down below hahaha. So, lunch was at this place called Luke’s at 22 Gemmill Lane (they have two outlets, but the one in the book was this one!) Boy is this place atas, I was the only guy in the joint without a suit HAHAHA. Adding to that, their deco is distinctly Western with a beautiful marble-topped bar. Had their Lobster Mac and Cheese ($26++). If the Truffle Mac and Cheese at “PARK@ Holland Village” is good, this one is out of this world! It has just the right amount of creaminess, as well as succulent, fresh and juicy lobster meat coupled with smooth macaroni and crunchy biscuits! It was so unique and unlike any Mac and Cheese I’ve ever had!


IMG_7717Next up would be window shopping at Bao Yuan Trading The picture I had in my mind of BYT was of a antique shop flooded in red, but what it really looks like is a kind of understated beauty. It houses many intricate detailed porcelain vases, trinkets, mugs and china. (Walking through the shop, I had to be really careful so that I didn’t break their precious china) I especially loved some of the communist-inspired designs they had on their mugs. So I got one. With Chairman Mao’s face on it. Oh and this “diorama”. I simply couldn’t resist getting some small gifts.


IMG_7776IMG_7778East Inspirations was my next stop. The highlights of EI would definitely be the ink writing kits and feather pens (they looked really nice and distinguished) and small bowls filled with tons of antique Singapore coins (like really antique, from the colonial era), each selling for 50 cents. Overall, I would say it’s a more atas version of Bao Yuan Trading.

(BTW, I really wanted to go to this shop called the Emporium of the Modern Man. I had visited its site, so I thought it was still open. Turns out they just had their clearence sale. For once, this clearance sale really meant that the store was going to close down. Then again, it seemed like another kapok, just much more expensive, so I probably wouldn’t have bought anything, though it could have made for some nice window shopping.)

For a quick coffee break, I settled at Chye Seng Huat Hardware for a bottle of their White Cold Brew”- a creamy dark chocolate and hazelnut rendition. It’s not pure bitterness like the other cold brews I’ve tried, so I’m definitely liking it. The subtle undertones of the dark chocolate mix well with the other aforementioned elements as well as the coffee (duh). The cold brew quickly loses its lustre though, as subsequent sips bring its taste closer to that of Starbucks or Coffee Bean (yikes!). Then again, it came prepackaged in a glass bottle so I’ll cut it some slack! All that aside, I’m digging the atmosphere (and the mini arcade console!). They even conduct workshops!


IMG_7771IMG_7788While waiting for the last joint to open, I caught “The Meg”. On a whole, I would say it’s a entertaining film with a good share of tense and gripping moments. Although to be honest I don’t think there’s enough moments to make a full film review worth it. The TLDR is that it’s worth it if you aren’t paying weekend prices.

Wrapping up an eventful day, I paid a visit to an underground bar or “speakeasy”  called Operation Dagger (it I took me a good five minutes to find it hahaha) The atmosphere here’s pretty minimalist and chill (save for the huge lighting fixture in the middle), with great decor (it almost looks like an Aesop shop, if ya get what I mean)I tried their drink called the “Hot & Cold”. It’s basically a cool yellow pineapple piña colada topped off with warm white chocolate and coconut foam. Refreshing yet familiar, the sweetness of the warm foam perfectly balances out the midly bitter cool piña colada. The best way to round off a great day out. Looks like I’ve got to live frugally for the rest of the week hahaha.IMG_7807


All the addresses of the places I went to are listed down below (except for the ArtScience Museum cos everyone definitely knows where that is)!

Luke’s: 22 Gemmill Ln, 069257; lukes.com.sg

Bao Yuan Trading: 15 Temple St, Singapore 058562

East Inspirations: 33 Pagoda St, Singapore 059192

Chye Seng Huat Hardware: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd, 207563

Operation Dagger: 7 Ann Siang Hill, #B1-01, 069791


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