London Travel Log Day Two (Buckingham Palace+ The Who Shop)

Having battled jet-lag for the first time and suffered a terrible loss, we set off in the early morning in search for a good English breakfast. We quickly found exactly that, quite fittingly, at this joint called “The Breakfast Club”.

IMG_0370.jpg(My fam posing at the front of The Breakfast Club in SOHO)

IMG_0395.jpg(My first breakfast in the UK! Blueberries and cranberries pancakes with a sweet thick smoothie and maple syrup on the side.)

With our tummies filled to the brim, we decided to stroll around the surrounding neighbourhood. As luck would have it, tragedy struck as we walked past a dessert shop, with magnificently decorated desserts just next to the window. As we couldn’t fit much more into mouths, we decided to visit it again another time. If you were wondering what it looked like and where it was…:

IMG_0409.JPG(The intricately decorated desserts at L’ETO SOHO! I tried one of the desserts you can see, but I’ll leave the reveal till my next few posts! So, stay tuned!)

Further along our stroll, we passed by the legendary Dover Street Market, though it was sadly closed!

IMG_0464(Too early! I guess Londoners need their beauty sleep too. Though we couldn’t see into the store much because of the huge white balls at the windows and the door.)

Capping off our morning exercise, we got to see the National Gallery for the first time! Oh, and the Trafalgar Square lions as well!

IMG_0477(The legendary National Gallery! The open space in front of it was really busy, even though it was already 8 in the morning. Londoners also go to work later than Singaporeans I suppose (our peak hour is usually before 8am)!)

IMG_0509(One of the four lions situated at Trafalgar Square. I thought we could spot the temporary one Google put, but I guess we came a little too late. Here’s an article on the Google Trafalgar Square Lion: )

Next on our list was viewing the Changing of Guards at Buckingham Palace, which was super packed, as you can see in the photo below! It hadn’t even started yet when this photo was taken, and it was already filled with a lot of people!

IMG_0563.JPG(Me with my Coldplay bag and Dalek jacket posing in front of Buckingham Palace!)

After the lengthy ceremony, we visited the State Rooms. No photos allowed though! :/

For lunch, we just had to try the most quintessential British dish, Fish and Chips! We picked this place called the Laughing Halibut! I ordered the Cod and Chips. It was deceptively simple-looking, but melted in your mouth, with a strong batter taste! It was just magnificent! I would definitely recommend The Laughing Halibut! If you have someone else (or a big appetite), you should also try the Halibut and Chips. It’s one of their best-selling dishes!IMG_0644

IMG_0658(Utterly delicious Cod and Chips!)

IMG_0673 2(A typical street at Upton Park.)

To cap off the day, we visited Upton Park, which is where the Who Shop is located! They specialise in Doctor Who merchandise which I really love (as previously mentioned). There is even a Doctor Who museum there, though I didn’t manage to see it. But look at the TARDIS they have in the store!(This is only one of two TARDISes ! They may even have more in the museum!)IMG_0689

IMG_0699(My contented face (which you can’t really make out) when I walked out The Who Shop with two full bags filled with SGD300 worth of merchandise!)

B372A291-B63F-4249-A0F8-A705DA8D7241(All the stuff I bought!)


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