London Travel Log Day Four: Churchill War Rooms, Burger and Lobster, Harry Potter Cursed Child Part Two and more!

We started our fourth day in London by “waltzing into” the hotel club for breakfast. “Why waltzing into?”, you might ask.Well, when we booked the hotel, we knew breakfast was not included. However, when we got there, my mum got confused and “waltzed into” the club during our third day. So, she told us it was free and included, and so we went. My dad was suspicious, so he left quickly. Turns out, breakfast really wasn’t included (duh!), my mum just had some miscommunication issues with the hotel staff. At least we didn’t have to pay for that mistake, giving us one free breakfast!

Well, that was that. Let’s skip forward to the meaty bit.

On our itinerary for the day were the following, the legendary Churchill War Rooms (CWR), the famous Burger and Lobster and the second part of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Play! As it would turn out ,later, we had time for a couple more things!

For the CWR, we had done our research diligently, so we knew we had to be at the entrance early. This was because of two factors. One, even if you are first in line, you have to let the people in the priority queue pass through first. This was because you either used your London Pass (which gives us free entry to most attractions in London and something we had. Highly recommended, by the way!) or you didn’t book a time slot. Second, we heard from the online reviews that the queues were really long when most of them visited the CWR. Armed with those two pieces of knowledge, we decided to leave early and reach before the CWR even opens.

As luck (or simply arriving early, rather) would have it, we were first in line for the normal, walk-in, line. Here’s how happy we looked when we got in line!

(You can barely see my eyes, that’s how happy I was!)

Here comes the wet blanket though: we couldn’t take photos inside the CWR. Such a pity, the exhibits were pretty good! We learnt a whole lot, not just about Churchill, as one would think, but we also heard the first-hand accounts of all the people who used to inhabit the CWR. The Churchill War Rooms is definitely a place you should visit when coming to London, especially if you’re a sucker for history!

Next up, Westminster Abbey (WA)! But first, a photo of a cool building we saw on the way to WA. Well, to be perfectly honest, most buildings in London looked cool, on the account that it was our first time there. But I’m sure you might like it too!

(I just love the architecture in Europe! Especially so in London!)

As we had the London Pass, entry into Westminster Abbey was free!

(The grand and majestic Westminster Abbey!)

The Abbey was quite interesting, especially since it is the final resting place or representation of their grave for over 200 famous people. They include people like Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and the monarchs of old.

After the Abbey, we headed to what, up until then, was our best meal of the trip! It was the place we heard so many people sing praises of back in Singapore! It is none other than Burger and Lobster!

(The exterior of the Burger and Lobster outlet which we went to! I think it was the one near Bond Street!)

(The Combo Meal was simply the best of both worlds! The lobster was so good that after my mum tried it, she ordered the quarter lobster!)

The Combo Meal consisted of a quarter lobster, a beef burgee, fires and a salad. Oh and the special sauce (SO GOOD!). The lobster was definitely the highlight of the show, with the burger playing second fiddle. The meat of the lobbster was juicy and tender. Coupled with the special sauce, it just tasted heavenly. While I haven’t eaten many lobsters in my life, this one was definitely the best one I’ve had so far!

With our hunger appeased, we set out to explore London. What better way to do it than on a bus tour? Best of all, it was free because we had the London Pass! Look at this shot of St Paul’s Cathedral from the Bus! (Quick tip, by the way: If you want to get a better view of and peer into 10 Downing Street, you can take a double decker London Bus to get a better view. Or you know, you could catch the other sites as well, while you’re at it!) We chose the Big Bus Tours company from the list of two bus tours which accept our London Passes!

(A unique perspective of St Paul’s Cathedral from the Bus Tour!)

Not only that, we also caught a proper glimpse of The Shard (which we went to eventually!) while we were on the bus.

(It looks so sleek, but also simultaneously out of place and just right on the skyline of London!)

To cap off the day, we caught the finale to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Final review of that: An interesting play, but probably nothing of consequence at least to the established Harry Potter timeline. It was well produced and has good actors, set design and props though! If you’re in town, you should catch it! Unless it costs more than GBP50.

(A small memento to remember this one of a kind play!)

For those who might be wondering how often I post these travel logs, the current plan I have is to post one every week, on top of my usual movie reviews (which you should check out!) and occasional opinion pieces! I will likely post up my review of “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by Saturday.


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