London Travel Log Day Five: Tower of London, Borough Market, The Shard and more!

Waking up after an entertaining night out watching “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Part Two”, we had another jam-packed day ahead. We were on day two of our three day London Pass, so we planned to visit as many London Pass-accepted attractions to fully maximise our use of it.

First up was the Tower of London, which we arrived at early in the morning. This is famously where the Crown Jewels are kept. There are free tours conducted by guides known as Yeoman Warders, all of whom live at the Tower! 

(A group photo with our Yeoman Warder guide at the Tower of London!)

There’s also a great view of the Tower Bridge (frequently misidentified as the London Bridge) from the Tower of London! 

 (My parents posing with the Tower Bridge behind! Such a good backdrop!)

Oh, one other thing, they have this belief regarding the Ravens at the Tower of London. It is said that the Ravens protect The Crown and the Tower. Thus, if all the Ravens at the Tower of London are lost or fly away, the Crown and Britain will fall!

(The Ravens are really huge (and noisy)!)

After visiting the Tower, we headed to Borough Market, something we have heard much of!

(It was a Saturday, so the market was really packed!)

While here, we found some awesome goodies, from fresh fruits to truffle oil and some “Singaporean Noodles”, Borough Market was simply a dream to be at!

(Though their skin of these peaches slightly bitter, they were really fresh and sweet! I simply couldn’t resist getting some!)

One stall was selling truffle-related goods, with the highlight to me being their truffle olive oil, in black or white. 

(They had small pieces of bread that you could dip in the truffle olive oil to try them out! )

The black truffle olive oil was somewhat bitter. I think you can guess by now that I’m not the biggest fan of bitter food!) I preferred the white truffle olive oil as it tasted just like the truffle olive oil I know and love.In the end, I bought two bottles of white truffle olive oil and one bottle of the black truffle olive oil.

Now we come to the “Singapore Noodles” that we tried at this stall called WokIt. 

(What you see is how the customisation process goes! We ordered their “pot of the week”, which was, as mentioned, “Singapore Noodles”)

Let me start off with this: I don’t believe we eat this type of white vermicelli that often that it is synonymous with our country Singapore. So I always find it a little suspicious when restaurants market their dishes as “Singapore Noodles”. 

That being said, it did taste decent, if nothing special and it definitely did not remind me of home.

(The red sauce was nice, as was the chicken. However, it really just tasted so different from Singaporean food that I wonder why they even called it “Singapore Noodles”)

Lastly, being Singaporean, I simply couldn’t not resist joining a long queue when I saw one. Quite a number of people were queueing up for beef burgers at this stall called “Northfield Farm”. 

(The burger was tasty, with both the meat and vegetables coming off as fresh!)

All that food gave us the energy to continue on with our day. Next up, the HMS Belfast!

(We visited the HMS Belfast as my dad, being a avid consumer of war films, wanted to have a first-hand look at the ship which fought in WW2!) 

(Check out the pose my dad made!) 

As per usual, the London Pass gave us free entry for the HMS Belfast and The Shard, which was where we went to next!

(This is how The Shard looks like when you view it from the Tower of London!)

The Shard has a number of facilities, including offices, residences and even a 5-star hotel, the Shangri-La Hotel and Spa!

(We rode multiple lifts all the way to the top: The View from the Shard!) 

As this was not our first time at a viewing platform, we knew to come close to sundown, so we could see both the day and night views!

One thing that stood out to me was the fact that, even at such a high floor (about 70 stories high!), the building was designed in such a way as to let fresh air in!

(The triangular glass walls separated at the top, which meant that fresh air could flow in!)

(The view from the top was simply stunning! As we went on a clear day, the view stretched for miles in every direction!

(The view of the sunset from the Shard was mesmerizing!) 

 (When the sun went down, the lights came up and the whole of London was magnificently lit!)

To cap off a wonderful day, we bought a souvenir package which included a book with the photos the staff took of us before we went up, as well as a keychain!

(The souvenir book was filled with trivia about The Shard, as well as photos of us photoshoped unto various backgrounds, such as an apartment at The Shard and The Shard at night!)

All in all, it was a great day in London, especially so because of the London Pass! We were really getting our money’s worth! 


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