Paris Travel Log Day One : Paris Gare Du Nord, Le Potager , the Eiffel Tower and more!

On our first day in Paris, we spent the first quarter of the day, making the best of our last day in London (well for a week and a half, at least!) We arrived at St Pancras bright and early in the morning, just in time for a quick bite, which we settled for some Japanese food! 

Paris Travel Log Day One : Paris Gare Du Nord, Le Potager , the Eiffel Tower and more!

(A quick snap at St. Pancras International! I especially love the neon sign on the right and the general design of the station! If you didn’t already know, it’s a station with quite a bit of history! I would have loved to see it back in its “heyday”!)

We ate at this “fast food” Japanese joint called “Yo! Sushi”. Here’s what we ordered/ picked off the conveyer belt!

(The definite article: Salmon sashimi and sushi! It was just okay though; 6.75/10)

(Yakisoba! My favourite dish from Osaka! This one was better, though not by much; 7.25/10)

(Pork Ramen! Not too bad as well; 7.75/10)

(The ubiquitous Gyoza. This was the best of the lot! 8/10)

(Just before I boarded, I bought a VR headset for some “in-flight” entertainment!)

(One thing I wish would be the option to watch the above films in VR mode! Eurostar, take note!) 

(Paris Gare Du Nord is a mammoth place! It took us a while to get where we wanted to (in order to take the bus to our hotel)! )

(I love the street art in Paris! Looks so modern yet chic!)

(Some shots of my family in Paris, taken just before we went for dinner at THE BEST place I ate at in Paris!) 

(It’s no other than Le Potager! Their selection of food is just like my writing: concise and succinct!)

(The fish that my mom had! It wasn’t incredibly great or anything like that; 7.25/10)

(The seafood this my dad ordered! This one was better! 8.5/10)

(And the star of the show! The pork steak I ate! It was simply outstanding. So many flavour profiles all mingling together to “pull the show” off! 10/10!)


(After dinner, we went for a walk, when I passed by this storefront! Let me let you in on something: I eventually returned to this shop and bought something which you can see in this photo! To find out more, stay tuned for my future travel log posts!)

(Finally, what would a travel log on Paris be without some photos of the Eiffel Tower?)

(On the day we visited, the Tower was lit up in pink, to celebrate breast cancer awareness! Fun fact: As the lights illuminating the tower were only recently put up, it is technically “illegal” to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night! Well, I’ll risk everything for you guys! 😉 )

Thanks for reading all the way to the end of my travel log! I post them up every Sunday 3pm (Singapore Standard Time)! Do check back in every Sunday for some awesome posts!


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