genzmuses: The secret to social media management AKA how the PAP can use social media to work for them and help them to win big for the next Singapore General Election

So, as most Singaporeans would know by now, it is likely that the Singapore General Election will happen next year, in 2019, which is barely a month away. Mr Heng Swee Keat will purportedly be Singapore’s next Prime Minister, after he got elected as the Assistant Secretary-General of the People’s Action Party (PAP), who form most of the government in Singapore.

Another open secret is that the PAP is looking to use the significance of the year 2019 to appeal to the masses by playing the following tune; with 2019 being the 200th year since Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore in 1819.

However, the PAP’s online appeal is pretty bad as social media amplifies the voice of the small minority who do not support the PAP.

What I will cover in this opinion piece is how the PAP can make social media work for them, through an efficient and effective social media Public Relations (PR) strategy. However, this can be applied to any kind of social media marketing strategy!

What it can do are the following:

1. Know how social media users are like: For example, how the personalities are like (short attention span, want to feel appreciated and recognisec, etc.)

2. Identify a highly specific target audience: By utilising tools that social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram offer, the PAP can more finely target particular demographics so as to be able to best appeal to them.

3. Know which social media sites work the best: Most of the people on Facebook and Instagram are different demographics (e.g. Generation Z people (aged 9-23 in 2018) are more likely to be on Instagram, Milennials are on Facebook, etc.)

4. Identify what content works best for your selected target audience: For Generation Z, videos work best, then photos and lastly, text.

5a. Monitor how well your campaign is doing using social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite.

5b. Using the tools identified in step 5, continuously tweak and improve your campaign as needed

Result: Win big for the General Election 2019, congratulations! You have just won the mandate to govern Singapore for another term!


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