Exploring Singapore Day Three: Yan Palace Dim Sum, Gyoza-Ya and Spectra

To kickstart the morning, we ate at a traditional Chinese Dim Sum restaurant near Chinatown, called Yan Palace. We ordered quite a number of items, all of which you can see below!

This is a definite must-have when you’re at a traditional Chinese restaurant – sio bak (Roast Pork)!
Piping hot Chicken Feet! Beware, it is rather spicy!
Steaming hot Char Siew Pau!

We then carried on with our day, making stops at Apple Store Orchard Road (to look at some cool new tech), but sadly, I forgot to take photos of that! 

What I did take a photo of was the dish I ate for lunch: Truffle Ramen at Gyoza-Ya!

The Truffle Ramen consisted of noodles drizzled with truffle oil and shavings, a slice of pork and a “ramen egg” (a soy sauce marinated egg).

It tasted rather unevenly salty, though the pork did taste rather nice.Its lone saving grace would be that if you were to place all the ingredients in a spoon (the egg, the pork and noodles), it does taste a whole lot better. Lastly, the portion size was a little on the small side, especially given the asking price of $14.80++.

To cap off the day, we headed down to Marina Bay Sands to catch the light and water show which plays at the following times: 

Sunday to Thursday – 8:00pm and 9:00pm
Friday & Saturday – 8:00pm, 9:00pm and 10:00pm

Here’s a (relatively) short video of the crowd at the scene and a preview of the show! (Skip to 03:14 for the start of the show!)

(Update: After much thought, I am going back to the previous schedule of one post every Sunday at 3pm. Three posts a week is simply too much work for me hahah. The post uploaded this Tuesday will be considered as this Sunday’s post!)


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