Paris Travel Log Day Two; Arc De Triomphe, Le Petit Vendôme and the Eiffel Tower (to the top!)

We started the morning of our second day in Paris with a visit to the Arc De Triomphe! Sadly, we did not get to go to the top as there was a strike going on when we went!

Still, we took a couple of good photos and videos!

(Taking this photo with both the Arc and us in the shot required a little bit more effort than the usual photo (with my mum having to squat down)!

(This would be a more comfortable distance, albeit crowded.)

Not to be deterred, we found another place to head to: Galerie Vivienne, which my dad found in the Paris travel guide he borrowed from the library. 

One thing the book didn’t mention or that he didn’t notice was this: it looks pretty upmarket, with prices that match!

(Just look at how beautifully antique the front of this bookstore looks!)

After we were again “rejected”, we walked around the area, towards the nearest metro station, only to find something we thought was rare: a open air food market!

This market was a dream come true for my mum as she loves to go grocery shopping, wherever in the world she is! They also offered delicious looking and smelling food such as meatballs and rice!

One thing I serendipitously found just next to the market was the headquarters of Agence France-Presse, the world’s oldest news agency! For someone who loves news (that’s me!), this was an amazing discovery!

Though our dinner was settled (with food from the market), we were still hungry, so we went to Le Petit Vendome, a place which was highly rated online!

We bought some duck, a few escargots and a nice strawberry dessert! (Pictures below!)

After lunch, we had another serendipitous discovery! My dad was looking for some formal dress shoes and lo and behold, there was one such shop with a 50% off sale just across the street from Le Petit Vendome! We got two pairs for my dad at a great price!

We then wandered around and found a couple photo spots and a tall pillar with a statue of Napoleon at the top!

To cap off the day, my dad and I decided to head to the top of the Eiffel Tower (which we passed by briefly the previous night)!

As it was raining and cold, the view was not as clear, but it made the whole area fill rather cozy! 

To end off the post, here’s a couple of photos from the top of the Eiffel Tower!



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