Paris Travel Log Day Three: The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Picasso Museum (plus Restaurant Gambino)!

On the third morning of our time in Paris, I woke up so excited: we were finally going to see the Mona Lisa in person! Naturally, the first destination on our itinerary was The Louvre!   

As we didn’t pre-purchase our tickets, we joined the longer queue, though doing so did give us some time to marvel at the architecture of The Louvre (and take some nice photos)!

Inside, we saw many things (other than the Mona Lisa) as seen below!

When we finally got to the area where the Mona Lisa is exhibited at, we found a huge throng of people crowding in front of a glass rectangle encasing the Mona Lisa, which was surprisingly smaller than what I thought it would be!

With that, we came to the end of our time at The Louvre, making our way to our lunch destination, Restaurant Gambino!

Along the way, we passed by an apparently famous fountain!

Once we reached Restaurant Gambino, the atmosphere was lively, with the joint almost filled to capacity. Thankfully, we were quickly able to get a table next to the window.

The food there was simply awesome! We ordered pasta dishes, ice cream and a creme brulee!

Having filled our bellies, we made our way to the Picasso Musuem, passing by a nice little bookstore which sold the coolest map I have ever seen of the Tokyo Metro! 

The artworks on display at the Museum were just stunning! Below is my favourite! 

For the other paintings, you should really come down to marvel at them in person! 

Capping off our third day in Paris (and this entry) was/is a visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral!


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