Paris Day Four: Hall of Mirrors, Palace of Versailles and Galeries Lafayette!

Finally writing here again after short month-long hiatus!

Anyways, on the fourth day in Paris, we finally paid a visit to the stunning Palace of Versailles, which was the royal residence from 1682 till the start of the French Revolution.

At the courtyard in front of the palace, there’s a bronze statue of King Louis XIV (who stayed in Versailles) on a horse.

Inside, there are countless beautiful murals, statues and intricate furnishings befitting of a monarch. Just take a look at them (below)!

But the highlight of the visit was definitely the Hall of Mirrors! I’d only really heard of it, much less seen it, but damn was it stunning! From the murals adorning the ceiling, to the chandeliers and well, the mirrors (hahaha), it was just an enthralling experience!

To cap off our visit, I got some macarons from a popular joint, Laduree, which was conveniently located within the palace! The macarons tasted lovely, with each one having an intriguingly unique taste! Plus, they were really colourful, so that made for some fun eating!

Though it was fun, it turned out there wasn’t much time, as the next train leaving for Paris was leaving soon (if we waited, the one of that would arrive more than an hour later), so we frantically rushed to the station at Versailles. 

Not helping matters was the fact that we didn’t know which train to take. There just happened to be two “helpful” ladies already aboard a train who told us that it was the one going towards Paris. 

Why the quotation marks? Well, as one of them proceeded to ask my dad something, the other tried to pick his pockets! Thankfully, my dad noticed, so they didn’t manage to steal anything.

(Not-so-fun fact: There are loads of pickpockets in Paris, so be prepared!)

As my mum was craving some authentic Chinese food (she can’t go more than three days without some Chinese food, something I learnt on this long trip), I found a Chinese restaurant with good reviews. 

Sadly, we arrived too late and it was closed. Not to dwell too much on this, I decided to try the local exclusive McDonald’s menu, which included burgers such as the Blue Cheese and Bacon Burger, which I was really looking forward to trying. 

As it turns out, it tasted pretty “meh”. It wasn’t particularly bad, but it also wasn’t particularly great. So I suppose lunch was a bust.

However, we left excited as our next destination was Galeries Lafayette, one of the most famous departmental stores in Paris!

While the goods there were priced a little steeply, I did manage to try some nice sweet treats!

To wrap up our relatively chill day in Paris, we went to the suburbs of Paris (This mall called Qwartz) to do some shopping!

Just look how pleased my mum is with her new leather bag!


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