Amsterdam Travel Log Day One: Walk-around the city and the Canal Cruise!

After four days in Paris, we had to sadly bid the city goodbye. However, we looked forward to our next stop in Europe: Amsterdam!

(Time to bid adieu to Paris! 😦 Till next time!)

We left bright and early in the morning, arriving at the Gare Du Nord train terminal to catch our Thalys train to Amsterdam!

(Side note: I tried this weird little vanilla milkshake from Five Guys (something we don’t have in Singapore, to my knowledge) that had BACON inside. It tasted so salty!)

Aboard the train, we passed through a number of notable places, such as Brussels (which we will actually spend slightly more time in on the way back!).

As we were pretty excited to visit yet another European city, we got off a little too early, about one stop before our correct one, hahaha! We had to search for someone to ask if we were at the right station!

Once we reached Amsterdam Central (the correct stop) we immediately headed to the “Iamsterdam” store at the station to collect our Iamsterdam cards and book our tickets for the Van Gogh Museum.

The store had a lot of cool stuff on display, just look below!

(They even have a shoe made out of chewing gum! So cool!)

(A VR experience! It was pretty cool!)

Our hotel, XO Hotels Coutre, was a 30-minute tram ride away from Amsterdam Central, but boy was it worth it! It was, according to my mum, the most luxurious hotel we had stayed in throughout the entire course of our Europe trip!

After we put down our luggage, we hopped on the tram back to the city centre and went for a nice walk, exploring the area. I was pretty surprised to see just how many cannabis shops there were! If I were to try some, I would have been thrown in jail and fined the moment I touched down in Singapore!

(The obligatory shot of one of Amsterdam’s Canals!)

For dinner, my mum was, once again (ughhh) craving Chinese food, so we popped by the local, highly-rated Chinese restaurant to fill our stomachs.

(Sweet and Sour Fish; one of my all-time favourites!)

(Wanton Soup; warm and homely!)

(An assorted platter of dim sum!)

To cap off our first day in Amsterdam, we went for a Canal Cruise, albeit after dark (Most would go in the day, I presume). Hence, the view was different, perhaps even more tranquil.

(The leaning houses of Amsterdam!)

(The canal bridges whose lights line up all the way to the end! So beautiful!)


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